Manufacturing Excellence. Delivering Happiness.



At Strong N’Free we understand designing and building quality products starts with our people. From concept to creation, our team is dedicated to providing the perfect blend of quality + design.








When it comes down to it, its much more than just designing a quality product. It's the people that stand behind these products and our devoted supporters that continue to motivate us to grow and push our boundaries.





We take pride in designing quality products that make people happy.




Our Story



Strong N’Free was born in 2007 to merge the world of fashion and design with technology. Initially named Birdcage by close friends Robert Daw and Adel Babataher, it was meant to represent smartphones in a protective cage/case.








From humble beginnings, we started from a small weekend flea market table in 2007 to over 6000 retailers worldwide in 2017.










Throughout the years we have been recognized by prestigious design agencies and authorities for our devotion to design and quality.



  • 2013: Red Dot Design Award

  • 2014: Red Dot Design Award

  • 2014: IF Design Award

  • 2014: Young Entrepreneurs of the Year by Ontario Chamber of Commerce

  • 2015: Runner up for Business Excellence Award by Markham Board of Trade.








  • Our People: The people are just as important as the process. We make sure all our manufacturing facilities go through strict auditing that ensures top quality living conditions, work environment, pollution and more.

  • Our Community: To give back to our fellow designers we started the Tru North Foundation, which provides an opportunity for young designers to showcase their work as well as provide an annual scholarship for design students.

  • Our Products: All our products are made with the utmost attention to detail. Care is put into our products to ensure they all withstand the test of time. Quality checks start at the raw material and carry through until the very end of manufacturing.







And finally Our Customers



We always have our customers at the top of our mind, every step of the way. We stick with our customer’s even years after their original purchase with one of the industry’s most comprehensive warranty policy.